Tea & Vocal Inhaler Kit
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2 Bags of Singer's Tea & 2 Vocal Inhalers

  • 1 bag of Chee Nassan Rah Singer's Tea (4oz)
  • 1 bag of Chop Chee Rah Singer's Tea (4oz)
  • 2 Vocal Inhalers
  • 100% Organic Blends

We offer a complete kit with both of the products offering in a bundle. Our products are made with the finest organic ingredients available to specifically sooth and replenish the voice, open the sinuses and resonators. This is the most popular purchase amongst our customers. The aromatherapy inhaler and singer's tea kit details below:

An aromatherapy decongestant to open the sinuses.

A stimulant to the limbic system to enhance sexual pleasure, memory retention and reduction of anxiety.

GREAT for singers and public speaking professionals to heal a fatigued and tired voice.

Vishudda Singer's Tea comes in two distinctive organic blends. Both blends sooth the voice and enable singers, public speakers to experience a soothing solution to heal and rest the voice.

The vocal inhaler helps to open the sinuses and resonators to increase focus, stimulate the limbic system and improve respiration. Chop-chee-rann Singer's Tea has properties designed to achieve body cleansing, increased respiration and healing properties for revitalizing a tired voice. Chee-nassah-rann Singer's Tea enhances energy and augments mental focus, as well as a soothing coat on a tired voice. Both Singer's Teas are fresh and organic when shipped.

Singer's Tea is 100% Organic

All products are shipped virtually straight from the source where they are blended and shipped immediately.