What is Throat Coat Tea?

Perhaps you’ve found yourself getting ready for a performance, warming up, doing soundcheck, or simply got carried away talking with that old friend that came back to visit for the holidays. Regardless, you now notice some signs of vocal fatigue. Maybe it’s just a little scratchiness in parts of your voice or a dry sensation that plain water just isn't getting rid of. Don’t panic! You probably don’t have vocal nodules or any permanent damage.

Vocal fatigue is something every singer deals with at some point or another. And, while vocal rest is necessary and encouraged for making a full recovery, if you’re a professional singer that gigs often or your job heavily depends on your voice, taking time off from singing or talking is simply not within the cards you’re dealt with. So now you’re probably asking “well, how do I get my voice back?” and here’s where Throat Coat Tea comes into play. Throat Coat Tea uses a blend of organic herbs that help reduce inflammation on your throat, open up your sinuses, and eliminate excess mucus that makes singing and talking more difficult than it needs to be. It actually soothes muscles and helps relieve the minor pain you get from overusing your voice. In short, Throat Coat Tea is a great way to aid your body’s recovery process and a safe way to quickly relieve your throat to get your through vocal fatigue until your voice is back to normal.